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Thank You!
Burden - 8/10/2016 1:38:25 PM
We wanted to thank everyone for a wonderful event.  Thank you to our staff, sponsors, and gamers.  We can't do this without everyone's help.  See you in January!
Bandwidth and Downloads
[LW] Wyza - 7/18/2016 5:37:22 PM
Let's talk about is bandwidth and Steam (and battle.net and origin).

As you know, or may not, we have a 1Gbps symmetric pipe for internet for the venue. Which is great! What some of you may remember however from January is that Friday night we had some pretty bad lag for a few hours there. This was almost completely the cause of 2 platforms. Steam and Battle.net and everyone waiting to download their games until they got to the event.

To that end we have some plans to rate limit Steam Download speeds if it becomes a problem again, however, the easiest solution is for you to download your games *before* the event. 1Gbps sounds like alot but when you have 100-400 people all downloading a game, that dries up pretty quickly.

Now, we understand that this isn't always possible. Some of you have bandwidth caps that you can't get around or are stuck with abysmal internet speeds. So feel free to not worry about it and download at the event!

For those of you sitting on those 50, 100, or 300MB connections though, we'd really, really appreciate it if you did your game downloads before hand. (or we'll start capping them to something terrible like 10Mbps so that games can be lag free as they get priority.)
PSA - Tournaments, the Hall, and Travel
[LW] Wyza - 7/15/2016 9:22:48 PM
Lots of Important stuff in today's PSA.
First and foremost, for the following 6 games, we will be using BattleFy's tournament signups. If you are playing in these 6 games, you MUST sign up on battlefy and register there. If you sign up on the Lanwar site you will not be part of the tournament.
https://battlefy.com/lanwar - the password for the tournaments is "lanwar"
Heroes of the Storm
Rocket League
League of Legends
PSA - The hall.
We have lots of new folks coming to this event! To that end I have several PSA's to make this week. Today's concerns the hall.
The hall is temperature controlled, however things happen and sometimes it can get chilly (64-65) (especially in the early morning hours) or hot (upper 70s/ low 80s) (in the afternoons). Make sure you bring/wear clothes that you can be comfortable in.
You can sleep in the hall, however there are some rules to this. (these are Fire Marshall rules)
1. Do NOT block the aisles. There must be a path down each aisle and at the end of the aisle.
2. Do NOT sleep at the very end of the row, leave at least 3' from the last table to your sleeping spot.
3. Do NOT sleep in the 2 main aisles beside server row.
There is absolutely no smoking of any kind in the hall / lobby. This includes e-cigs and vaporizers. This is a UofL campus rule. You can smoke outside, however, please do so at least 10' from the door.  
PSA Regarding travel to Lanwar:
The Louisville bridges project is continuing to make progress, so the I64/I65 interchange is different than it was last summer. Folks coming south on I65 from points north will cross the new Lincoln bridge instead of the Kennedy bridge. Folks coming from points west will be very happy to know the ramp from I64 east to I65 south is once again open, but watch for lane changes and road signs. - Wyza
Sponsor - Gamdias
Burden - 7/12/2016 11:59:28 AM
It's time for another new sponsor! Gamdias! 

Gamdias specializes in peripherals for the gamer and will be sending us some swag to hand out at the event!  

Go check out their stuff, like their Facebook page and thank them for their support!
Sponsor! - Nerdvana Clothing
Burden - 7/3/2016 3:50:54 PM
We have another new sponsor for this event!

You League of Legends players will probably appreciate this one. Nerdvana Clothing will be sponsoring MML this year. They'll be sending along one of their representatives and some swag for us to give out!

As usual, go like their FB page and thank them for sponsoring us!
Sponsor! - In Win!
Burden - 7/2/2016 8:00:06 AM
A wild sponsor appears!

We have another 1st time sponsor this event. In Win will be sending us a couple of their computer cases and a couple of their power supplies!

As usual, please go thank them on FB for their support of our event!
Sponsor News - BAWLS!
Burden - 6/29/2016 9:34:24 AM
Who loves caffeine?

Well once again Bawls is returning as a sponsor of Lanwar.

As usual go like their Facebook page and thank them for their continued support!

Event Schedule Posted!
[LW] Wyza - 6/28/2016 4:45:00 PM
The event schedule is now available here!
Seats and Team Seating!
Burden - 5/29/2016 11:52:17 AM
As we have opened bravo and moved teams, we have opened additional seating in alpha.   Remember if you are unable to get your team seats together, get them anywhere you can and we will move you into team seating pending space available.  So don't wait till the last minute to request as we do run out of team seating the closer to the event we get.  
MillionManLan 15 Regisration OPENS Tonight!!!!
Burden - 4/29/2016 12:28:10 PM
Registration for our MML 15 event the end of July will open tonight!  We had over 400 gamers in attendance in January.  Can we make it to 500?  I think we can.  See you there.
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