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Mohawk Passing
Burden - 4/17/2015 4:21:07 PM
It is with great sadness that we need to let you know that Lanwar has lost one of its own. Jon Bowman passed away on Tuesday. He was well known and loved in our community as [K5K] Mohawk. His smile, wonderful personality, and signature colorful hairstyle will be deeply missed. 

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the Bowman family with arrangements here: http://www.gofundme.com/s42rgg8

Please keep his wife, kids, extended family and friends in your prayers as they go through a very troubling time

MML 14 Dates and Times!
Burden - 3/12/2015 6:55:30 PM
This year MillionManLan 14 will start Thursday, July 9th at 12PM and extend through Sunday, July 12th! Setup will of course be on the day before, Wednesday July 8th, with helpers receiving an extra prize ticket and entry an hour earlier to the event! 
Put that time off in ASAP!!!
CPU Magazine Email
Burden - 1/17/2015 1:40:16 PM
Hanging with Zac, our awesome CPU magazine sponsor.  For the casemod contest, here is his email:  zac-granfield@sandhills.com!

Charlie Open!!!
[LW] Lancer - 1/16/2015 4:31:27 PM
Since you all are awesome by reaching 300 people, we will reward everyone by OPENING CHARLIE! We have opened more seats! Come and get them! The faster they fill, the more we'll open!
Big Thank You!
Burden - 1/16/2015 8:12:30 AM
We want to say thank you to our sponsors for this event.  We appreciate their support year after year.  

CPU Magazine

Thank You!!!
Case Mod Contest Anyone?
Burden - 1/16/2015 7:09:57 AM
We are pleased to announce that CPU Magazine will be sponsoring a Case Mod Contest on Saturday.  A representative from CPU Magazine will be here to help judge.  They will be giving away a fantastic prize too!
Lanwar 56 - Dates and Times
[LW] Lancer - 1/9/2015 2:48:12 PM
Lanwar 56 is coming up next Friday, January 16th and ends on the 18th!  Setup starts at 1PM, Event starts at 6PM. Come help us with setup and receive an extra prize ticket and get in an hour early!
Lanwar 56 - Largest January event since 2006
Burden - 1/2/2015 2:39:45 PM

Oh yeah!  LANWAR is continuing to grow.  This January will be the largest January LANWAR since 2006.  Time to take names, kick some a$$ and invite your friends now.  We are on track for around 260, but the goal is to break 300 again.  Tell your friends, post anywhere you can, bring your mom if you have to, time to reincarnate the LANWARs of old.  Just like a normal MML, Bravo has been opened for team seating.  

No Refunds
Burden - 12/31/2014 10:42:47 AM
Remember there are no refunds given for the upcoming event.  If you are unable to attend and wish to give your seat to a friend, let us know by email prior to the event.  
Team Seating
Burden - 12/20/2014 8:48:00 AM
Reminder team seating for this event is very limited.  If you wish to sit together, you must submit your request and we will do our best.  As we get closer to the event and sitting is at a premium, we will open some of team seating to make room as well if we need space and do not have the team requests.  Do not wait till just before the event as you will no be able to move seats.
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Lanwar 56
January 16-18
 Louisville, KY