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Sponsor: Psyonix
[LW] Wyza - 1/12/2017 12:53:54 PM
Oh so close can't wait! But first a word for a sponsor.

Psyonix is once again sponsoring Lanwar. They are sending us some shirts and RL balls to hand out to the tournament winners. Good times!

Head over and thank them for the swag! 
Sponsor: OCZ!
[LW] Wyza - 1/10/2017 12:22:30 AM
Sponsor time!  

Once again OCZ has returned as a sponsor of lanwar!  This event they've sent us a set of SSDs to go to the winners of the Overwatch tournament! Plus a few other bits of swag to give away.

So head on over to their page, like them, and thank them!

I've got a couple more sponsors to get in that we were able to confirm this week. So I'll be back tomorrow!

[LW] Wyza - 1/8/2017 2:47:20 PM
A new day, a new set of notes about the upcoming event. Again, these are important. Really. Read Them.

1. Driving! If you've been attending our events for the last....feels like forever... years, you're well aware of the nightmare that has been road construction in downtown Louisville. Well, it appears that the major construction is complete! So all paths north/south/east/west are now available.

However! A new twist has been added. If you normally travel the I-65 bridge, it is now tolled. If you have an iPass or an EZ-pass, those will both work. Otherwise they will take a snapshot of your license plate and send you a bill. There is no cash option, it's 100% electronic. If you don't mind going 15 minutes out of your way, you can go around I265-West towards new albany and take I-64 over as that bridge is not tolled.

2. Steam Games and Downloading! While we do have a 1Gbps pipe, games have continue to get bigger and bigger. If you're internet pipe at home is big and doesn't have data caps, we request that you download your games in advance of the event. We can, have, and likely will have to cap bandwidth for things like steam in order to prevent those services from impacting gameplay.

If you are stuck with crappy internet or have to deal with low data caps, then don't worry. Download at the event! For the rest of us. Be a good Lanwar citizen and download early!

Streaming is still A-OK. We rarely come anywhere close to our Upload limit (which is also 1Gbps), so this is not an issue.

3. Discord. A few events ago we did away with IRC in favor of discord. And you know what? We still love it. If you haven't before, head over to discord.gg/lanwar and join us? We don't bite. Much.
[LW] Wyza - 1/6/2017 11:13:43 PM
All Aboard the Hype Train!

We are less than a week from ~44 hours of gaming bliss. And it's time for some PSAs about the event. Please read these, they are important. We'll have more in a couple days.

1. Bringing a big rig that needs lots o power? Send us a PM, we want to make sure there is extra power at your seat. What do we mean by needing extra power? If you're rocking 1000W PSU or more AND are regularly coming close to maxing it out, this means you. Usually triple SLI Titans are in this category.

2. Air Matresses. As in events past, you can sleep in the hall, but due to hall space restrictions we are not allowing air mattresses larger than twin at the venue. Exceptions are made if 2 folks are sharing a Full. There is ABSOLUTELY no sleeping in the lobby or the hallway. Sorry this is a new rule from UofL.

3. Smoking. As always UofL is a smoke free campus. This includes e-cigarettes and vaping. If you are a smoker, you must do it outside and at least 10' from the nearest doorway. Please do not smoke upwind of the doors.

4. Speaking of doors, the doors we normally come in are now out of service. And the building in front of those doors is gone and there is a fence around it. All entry loading, unloading, will now be through the elevator on the dock only.

5. Setup! Setup will be at 12PM on Friday. Come ready to work please. The work isn't hard, but will involve some physical activity such as setting up tables and running power cables. The benefit of coming to setup is that you can get in an hour early at 5PM. (Note that if for whatever reason setup goes past 5PM, you cannot setup your stuff until the staff gives the OK).

For those coming to setup, we understand its the winter. To that end you may bring your stuff in, HOWEVER, please put it against a wall and leave it until you're given the ok from staff to setup. Please do not leave it on the cart as we need the carts to do setup. Additionally do NOT leave you car parked out in the unloading area. With the construction, UofL will be quick to ticket and tow vehicles not parked in the parking garage. We'll remind folks, but we are not responsible for any tickets or fines incurred for failure to heed these warnings.

PS - As always there is an FAQ that covers many other things.  It's in the menu on the left.

Sponsor: Nvidia
[LW] Wyza - 1/3/2017 8:01:56 PM
Happy New Year Gamers!
Today we have a sponsor that a few of you might have heard of.  Maybe.  This little known company has been producing computing chips for a few years that has made it into a handful of products.....Well, ok, maybe more than a few.
Proud to announce that Nvidia has returned this year as a sponsor.  And yeah, you guess it, we get some video cards.  Nvidia has sent us not one, but two GTX 1060's to give away at the event.  These babies are sure to give you that oh so tasty boost in frame rates that you've been wanting. 
As usual, please go like their FB page and thank them for their sponsorship.  Sponsors give us swag and in return we give them love. Or at least, heartfelt thanks. :)
Sponsor: Icy Dock
[LW] Wyza - 1/3/2017 8:00:28 PM
Like so many Lanwars before, the swag we get to give to you comes directly from sponsors.  Over the years we've had some really great ones and once again this year is no exception.  
To start us off we've got a repeat sponsor in Icy Dock.  Icy Dock specializes in all manner of storage solutions from hotswap bays to 3.5->2.5 converters, They've sent us several items from their catalog to give away as prizes for raffles and tournaments.
Head on over to https://www.facebook.com/icydockusa/ and like them and thank them for their support!  We've got more sponsors to announce so we'll be back in a day or 2.
Happy New Years. -Wyza
Hotel Discount
[LW] Wyza - 1/3/2017 8:03:29 PM
Hey Lanwar!  We're getting super close to the event! Just a little over 2 weeks away!  We're gonna be posting ALOT of stuff on this page in the coming 2 weeks regarding sponsors, setup, what to bring, what not to bring, and anything else that I've forgotten. So please keep an eye out here as it is all important.
Today's announcement is in regarding to something new for our event that we're trying out.  We've coordinated with a local hotel that is about 7 minutes from the venue to get a discounted rate (for those of you who want a place to shower or just don't want to sleep in the hall). 
Normally an extended stay hotel with weekly rates, the Woodspring Suites is letting us do discounted daily rates that are valid from 2 days before till 2 days after the event. (valid 11th through the 16th)  https://www.woodspring.com/extended-stay-hotels/locations/kentucky/louisville/woodspring-suites-louisville-airport/.  The rates are 55.99$ for a single queen and 63.99$ for a double queen.  If you want to get a room there you can send an e-mail to ken@tgcdevgroup.com and mention "Lanwar" for the special rate.  Please include your phone # so he can call you back to setup the reservation.  (Please don't send any CC info in an e-mail :) )
If this works out for both us and them, we'll try to do it again in the future.
Upcoming Event Changes
[LW] Wyza - 10/27/2016 12:33:03 PM
Hey gamers it's time for a few more details on the upcoming event before registration opens on Saturday (@ 8PM EST). It has been nearly 7 years since the last time we had to do this, but we are raising the price this event by 5$. This means that the event now costs 40$ instead of 35$.

While we are returning to the SAC once more there are several changes that we have to account for and that will make things just a little different. We have lost roughly 10% of the hall's size. We have a configuration that will hold 416 gamers. To fit as many gamers as possible we have had to make a few sacrifices.

1. We're Shrinking server row/staff row some to allow for more tables.
2. Air mattresses/cots/sleeping spots are now restricted to Twin size only. (long twins are OK) As you may remember from last event, we are no longer allowed to sleep outside of the SAC hall itself. So no lobby, hallway, etc.
3. All tables are now the 6' tables instead of the 8' tables in order to make up for the loss of hall space. They will be missed. (I might hold a short memorial to commemorate their loss).
We'll be announcing other smaller changes in the coming weeks. In the meantime, game on. -Wyza
Thank You!
Burden - 8/10/2016 1:38:25 PM
We wanted to thank everyone for a wonderful event.  Thank you to our staff, sponsors, and gamers.  We can't do this without everyone's help.  See you in January!
Bandwidth and Downloads
[LW] Wyza - 7/18/2016 5:37:22 PM
Let's talk about is bandwidth and Steam (and battle.net and origin).

As you know, or may not, we have a 1Gbps symmetric pipe for internet for the venue. Which is great! What some of you may remember however from January is that Friday night we had some pretty bad lag for a few hours there. This was almost completely the cause of 2 platforms. Steam and Battle.net and everyone waiting to download their games until they got to the event.

To that end we have some plans to rate limit Steam Download speeds if it becomes a problem again, however, the easiest solution is for you to download your games *before* the event. 1Gbps sounds like alot but when you have 100-400 people all downloading a game, that dries up pretty quickly.

Now, we understand that this isn't always possible. Some of you have bandwidth caps that you can't get around or are stuck with abysmal internet speeds. So feel free to not worry about it and download at the event!

For those of you sitting on those 50, 100, or 300MB connections though, we'd really, really appreciate it if you did your game downloads before hand. (or we'll start capping them to something terrible like 10Mbps so that games can be lag free as they get priority.)
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